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Shopping in Ginza, going up Tokyo’s tower and an afternoon in Roppongi…

  Ginza © Ginza is the place to go if you have  a few million yen spare and a penchant for nice buildings.  The locals were polished and preened and the  rows of high end boutiques, including  Dior and Chanel, were jam-packed with the finest … Continue reading

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A day in Electric Town…

 Today was pretty much a day for my fiance. We caught the train to Akihabara and did a spot of shopping. We popped in to Laox, a popular Duty Free electrical store (well I say store, there are 12 in Akihabara) … Continue reading

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Shopping in Harajuku, Shinto brides at the Meiji Shine and meeting Hatchiko…

Our second day in Tokyo and we decided to go to Harajuku (as planned). We caught the Yamanote line to Harajuku from Shinjuku and as we left station we were blinded by the early morning sun. It was early but already the crowds were … Continue reading

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A day in Ueno…

Day one in Tokyo and we decided to spend the day in Ueno and its park (my itinerary had gone to pot by this time). The main reason for us visiting Ueno was the Tokyo National Museum as it is located near the … Continue reading

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To Tokyo we go…

On the 11th of May we took the Bullet train to Tokyo. The ticket cost us around £95 each for a single from Kyoto. This may sound expensive, but the price is reflected in the efficiency and speed of the service.   … Continue reading

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A time for reflection in Kyoto…

A good nights sleep, but I still couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed. It was our last full day in Kyoto. Staying in bed wasn’t going to slow the day down. We left the room just after 8:30 … Continue reading

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Kyoto Cosplayers, Gion Corner and a greedy heron

The best part of the museum was the portrait section where me and Rob got our portrait done by Takeshi, a young manga artist. He was very chatty and told us of his trip to London and Stonehenge. He mentioned that he wanted to buy some shoes but they were too expensive…like everything else in London. Continue reading