Honeymoon…home or away?

Within the next year I will be saying ‘I do’ to my fiance of 5 years (been together 7 altogether). We have an idea of where we want to get married, bridesmaids, reception venue etc etc But when it came to looking at honeymoon destinations we were rather stumped.

The perfect honeymoon destination?

You see my fiance and I are not in to ‘beachy’ holidays; lounging around a pool and sipping cocktails is not our idea of fun (are we strange of what?). Don’t get me wrong I love to relax and watch the world go by, but I think if you are paying all that money (the average honeymoon costs well in excess of £3000) why not visit somewhere where you can really take in some culture and bring home some exotic looking souvenirs?

Idea 1. Japan

Romantic Japan...

We visited Japan last year and the experience made me love the country even more than I already did. Ryokans are Japanese inns which can be found all over the country and are a perfect way to experience ‘traditional’ Japanese hospitality.

Most ryokan are small buildings of no more than a dozen or so rooms, often built facing a small garden. There are some 58,000 ryokan in Japan, of which 1,400 are quality establishments belonging to the Japan Ryokan Association. http://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/index.html  

Gora Tensui, Hakone. One of the hotels recommended by Inside Japan for honeymooners

Few holiday company’s offer Japan as a honeymoon destination, but it is hard to see why. Aside from the main island of Honshu with the exciting capital Tokyo and ancient capital Kyoto, and the sweeping landscape of Hokkaido. Japan’s crown jewel is Okinawa, a balmy stretch of  tropical islands offering the opportunity for island hopping and snorkeling, as well as sampling exquisite cuisine and taking in the many historical attractions.

Okinawa, Japan's crown jewel

Idea 2. Sweden

I have always been fascinated by Sweden. Swedish design is famous for being fresh and clean-cut (think IKEA) yet Stockholm itself projects a wholly gothic aesthetic, contradictory of its famous fluid design.


Idea 3. Stay in Britain? What you may not know is that I am terrified of flying. When I went on a plane last, my fiance described being next to me like sitting next to a rock….cheers. So maybe staying in the country will alleviate some stress and help me enjoy the wedding more. In the spirit of Cathy and Heathcliff, maybe somewhere windswept and wild? Or perhaps a bit more Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy…a country manor in the in the middle of nowhere. The possibilities are endless but it needs to be memorable.

Ideas please? Have you, or do you know somebody who has been to an unusual honeymoon destination or just stayed in the country they were from?


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